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Single User License
Single User License: A Single User License permits the buyer to install the software on a single computer. We can issue a single user license to a person name only.

The ordering process of our contracted e-commerce provider PayPal is automated and secure. Once your order is accepted, you will receive an email with your registration code.

$ 39.95
$ 39.95
$ 29.95
$ 29.95

$ 39.95

$ 39.95
$ 29.95
$ 29.95
$ 29.95


Site License & OEM License
Site License: A Site License allows the customer to install a single program on an unlimited number of computers at a single company location. Please contact us for the details.

OEM License: An OEM License has no restrictions on redistribution of our products with your value-added hardware or software. Please contact us for the details.

Music Editing Master
Audio Amplifier Pro
Easy Audio Editor
Audio Silence Trimmer Pro
MP3 File Hider
Easy Video Logo Remover
Easy Blurry Video Clearer
Full Video Audio Mixer
Easy Video Reverser
Easy Video Sync Fixer
VideoDetach Pro
Easy Shaky Video Fixer
Easy Video Fisheye Fixer

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